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Fox Micro International provides Dell PowerEdge and other Dell parts and servers including PowerEdge R910, R900, R810, R720, R710, R610, R510, R410, R210, older Dell servers including: PowerEdge 2950, 1950, 2800, 2900, Dell Tower Servers: T710, T610, T410, T310, T300, T105, T100, Dell Blades: M610, M710, M1000e and PowerVault MD3000i, MD3000 and MD1000 and many more!
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Features Products

Dell W347K - 600GB SAS Hard Drive

SKU: W347K
Dell 600GB SAS Hard Drive 15K RPM

Dell F617N - 300GB SAS Hard Drive

SKU: F617N
Dell 300GB SAS Hard Drive 15K RPM

Dell NH493 - 305 Watt Power Supply

SKU: NH493
Dell 305W Power Supply

Dell U8735 - Perc5i / Perc6i Battery

SKU: U8735
Dell Perc5i / Perc6i Battery

Dell NU209- Perc5i / Perc6i Battery

SKU: NU209
Dell Perc5i / Perc6i Battery

Dell 7NVX8 - 870 Watt Power Supply

Dell 870W Power Supply

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When Time Matters

Fox Micro International understands a tight deadline, that's why we guarantee same day delivery nationwide. With access to more than 4,000 vendors globally, our accessibility is limitless. No matter what your technology needs are, we promise to deliver outstanding service from the moment you make the service call to the moment the product reaches your hands. Our established relationships with vendors worldwide has set Fox Micro International apart from the leading competitors. We believe time is of the essence in our industry, that's why our mass connections with every type of distributor leads to promising services and results. Not only does our global network continue to expand annually, but so does the growth of our local warehouse with a variety of products. We not only outsource to other vendors, but also shuttle out inventory from our large stock of quality high demand Dell spare parts. Each part is certified and tested to guarantee promising results for our valued customers.

When Having The Right People Means Everything

Our highly trained and certified IT professionals work closely with our customers to guarantee quality services with direct interaction to ensure that all valued customers receive the exact product they are requesting. At Fox Micro International, your business is important to us, that's why speaking to the right people matters. Our true IT professionals provide exceptional services that separate us from leading competitors. For more than 23 years, Fox Micro International prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction. We strive on guaranteeing that our clients receive the absolute best products on the market no matter how rare each specific item is to find. At Fox Micro International, our trained IT staff tests and fully secures each product prior to distribution. We also offer NET-30 terms to all customers who qualify.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Fox Micro International does not focus on good, we focus on great. We provide each individual client with one-on-one professional services and expertise. The services we provide are above and else. We make sure to extend the current life cycle on out of warranty products, ultimately providing you with the most current and up-to-date products on the market. We work as an outsourcing company when Dell fall short. Along with costs, time of delivery is also reduced due to efficiency and experience. Fox Micro International understands timely deliverables, that;s why we partner with large companies to ensure quality, reliable services.